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Taberna Etrusca

9-11 Bow Churchyard, City of London, London, EC4M 9DQ Taberna Etrusca location Map 020 7248 5552

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Established in 1967, Taberna Etrusca is an Italian restaurant in the classic trattoria style, with textured white walls, tiled floors and an open-beamed ceiling. Decorative tiles on the walls are evocative of old Tuscany, while the collection of Ferrari posters are indicative of Enzo & Piero Quaradeghini's grand passion and national pride.

It has a timeless quality that keeps a very loyal City clientele coming back year after year. There is a short passage by the side of the restaurant leading to a courtyard to the rear which catches the sun during the summer and is very popular for al fresco dining, but be sure to book for these well coveted tables.

This flexibility, and the friendly efficiency of the service, led by Renata Gorna is the key to Taberna Etrusca's success, along with an unpretentious menu that consistently delivers great flavours and leaves you with that satisfyingly full feeling. (Updated 19/01/2013)

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Taberna Etrusca Address & Contact Details

  • Address: 9-11 Bow Churchyard,
    City of London,
    EC4M 9DQ
  • Nearest Tube / Rail: Mansion House / Bank / St Paul's

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Taberna Etrusca Opening Hours

Day Hours Day Hours
Monday 11:45am - 3:30pm Tuesday 11:45am - 10:00pm
Wednesday 11:45am - 10:00pm Thursday 11:45am - 10:00pm
Friday 11:45am - 10:00pm Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed    

Customer Reviews for Taberna Etrusca

A lovely little al fresco court setting down a quaint little hidden lane. On a beautifully sunny day in The City this is a fantastic Italian restaurant for business meetings or Italian wine-induced boozey afternoons. Excellent wine list, jovial service, simple and fresh ingredients, no pretense.
Rating: The Restaurant Hunter, London (29 Jul 2011)

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