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Rockwell Bar (Bar, Hotel)

Picture of Rockwell Bar in West End, London

The Trafalgar Hilton, 2 Spring Gardens, Trafalgar Square, West End, London, SW1A 2TS
Cuisine: Eclectic Average Price: £55.00
Tel: 020 7870 2959 | Email to Rockwell Bar | Transport: Charing Cross | Write review

Rockwell Bar Review

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Best for: health conscious drinkers; light snacks with evening drinks; entertaining batty mothers.

Great: views of Trafalgar Square; cocktail and champagne selection.

Beep beep. An incoming text on my ancient Nokia 3210.

“I’m excited! I said to man I’m excited! See you soon darling!”

She’s late. I stuff my hands deeper into my pockets to avoid them going that odd blue/purple colour they do when it’s cold.

Waiting in Trafalgar Square, there are significantly less pigeons than I remember as a child. I take a moment to appreciate Nelson’s Column, those stone lions tourists love to take pictures of, and the grandeur of the National Gallery. The Rockwell Bar in the Trafalgar Hotel is already getting mental ticks.

A wild-haired woman bounds towards me. Those stood close instantly tighten their grip on their belongings. My mum does look a bit like a robbing Jehovah Witness, I think it’s her manic stare.

“Hi darling, I’m heeeeeere!”

“Hi mum. Why have you been telling men about tonight? It’s fine to be excited but I’m not sure strangers will share your elation.”


“Your text”

[re-reads sent text]

“Oh! I meant to say Nan. I said to Nan I was excited. Bloody iPhone touch screen, I’m always mistyping.”

Inside the Rockwell Bar, I see my hands are just the purple colour I had tried to avoid. Pointing at them, mum exclaims, “They look just the same colour as the sofas in here!”

Indeed, it was as if Dulux themselves had paint-matched my hand with the Rockwell’s lounge of purple and lime green velvets, white and black leathers. It’s not to my taste but it’s not offensive; plus, who’s to say my taste is good anyway.

Sat down, mum’s head begins to nod.

“Why are you nodding?”

“I’m enjoying the music.”

“Since when did you like house music?”

“Isn’t this the Prodigy? I love the Prodigy.”

“No. You have to stop claiming you love the Prodigy, Mum.”

“Well I like them. I like this too. All the Alan Sugar types in here seem to like it as well. And that couple kissing who clearly met over the internet like it. It’s not Barry White but I can see why it might lead to kissing. Those bread rolls look tasty.”

“Why aren’t we in a Greggs if all you want is bread?”

“I’m just saying, they look good and doughy. And I don’t have my reading glasses and the lighting in here is pretty low but I know they have rolls on the menu.”

As strong and insane as her argument is, I ask for a selection of small bites.

Mum continues, “Oh look, the cocktail menu lists the number of calories in each drink. The Midnight Cloak has only 129, that’s virtually nothing. Aren’t women allowed 100,000 calories a day?”

“Maybe women Rhinos.”

“And look, it not only sounds tasty but it could help you live.”

“Help you live? It comes with a contribution to your mortgage?” I ask a little excited.

Exasperated, mum explains, “Silly bean, it says the black fruit may help prevent cancer. And look, you actually burn calories drinking the Lemon Camellia!”

“Mum, you’re an advertiser’s dream. Did you know that the lemongrass will naturally lighten a blonde person’s hair?”


“No. But they both taste good so if I’m beating off cancer simultaneously, all the better. Alcoholism to beat cancer, now there’s a campaign the NHS should get behind. Look, there’s brown bread on the fish platter, you can have it all if you like. But the smoked salmon and prawns are all mine.”

“No rolls?”

“Shh, try the chicken tikka skewers. And the mini steak pies have an excellent gravy and the pastry is not all ‘doughy’, which might be to your dismay, but light and flaky,” I urge.

“I’ll get to those later. This nut and fruit bread is incredible. I almost don’t want to dip it in the baked camembert. I love bread.”

“You really are from a simpler time aren’t you?”

“Let’s have another cocktail. Your immune system would want you to. The Botanical Hedgerow has antioxidant properties.”

An hour or so later, mum slurs, “I’m wobbly. Must be those anti-cancer drinks. We should make a move, I just want to go to the bathroom once more to use the hand cream. It smells so good and it’s the little touches don’t you think?”

“I think you’re mental.”

Later that evening I receive a text.

“I just Googled The Prodigy and they’re the ones who sang that Firestarter song. I didn’t like that at all. I’m very gassy right now, must be the cocktails!

“You’re very gassy?”

“HAPPY. Silly predictive…”

Happy or gassy, a summary of the Rockwell Bar: a perfect place to enjoy your mother’s twisted mind over good cocktails and finger food. more

Faye Armstrong

Customer Reviews for Rockwell Bar

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“The ground floor bar is great - atmospheric, low lit and intimate. But woe betide the person who tries to meet a friend in the rooftop part. Whilst the views are incredible and the surroundings (furniture, beautiful people, desirable waiters) enticing, the entry policy - one in, one out (restricted due to fire exit strategies, I presume) means its best to go with a friend rather than meet one there (unless you pick one up!). I was not the only disappointed customer on a sunny May evening. Be warned.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Stella, London (10 years 5 months 11 days ago)

“Bourbon Bourbon Bourbon! Rockwell has a good selection of original cocktails, a funky atmosphere - although not really relaxing, (you wouldn''t want to go too crazy in here). But a great place to go and enjoy quality drinks and conversation!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Kate, London (12 years 28 days ago)

“Beautifully designed spacious bar in the ground floor of the Trafalgar Hilton. Rockwell specialises in Bourbon and claims to have the largest selection in London. They also serve cocktails and have an interesting wine list. It’s a very cool place and this is certainly reflected in the prices, but if you’re just having one of two drinks it’s worth it. Oh and the Trafalgar Hilton also has a roof garden bar with great views across the square, again it costs you but is worth it for the views.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
annab, London (13 years 7 months 12 days ago)

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Additional Information

  • Cuisine Type: Eclectic
  • Average Price: £55.00
  • Dress Code: Not Specified
  • Group: Hilton

Rockwell Bar Food & Drinks

  • Cuisine Type: Eclectic
  • Average Price: £55.00

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