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Broadway Bar and Grill (Bar, Restaurant)

Picture of Broadway Bar and Grill in Fulham, London

474-476 Fulham Broadway, Fulham, London, SW6 1BY
Cuisine: Eclectic
Tel: 020 7610 3137 | Email to Broadway Bar and Grill | Transport: Fulham Broadway | Write review

Broadway Bar and Grill Review

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Best for: Informal dining in Fulham, cocktails, pub classics.

Great: Service, wine list, chips.

I strode into the bank seeking to order a cheque book and to get on my way swiftly. My mood had taken a turn for the worse when they couldn’t find a record of my account and started to ask me repeatedly whether I might live in Brighton rather than London as they had found a customer of the same name in Brighton. Unfortunately, I had got rather irate before realising that it may not have been Nationwide’s fault. The fact that I had a Halifax account and not a Nationwide one may have explained the problem. Before I left I pointed out that it was, of course, their fault for having similar company branding and skulked out of the branch in a cloud of shame (true story). Having made a fool of myself that morning through reaching conclusions rather quickly and being impatient, I decided that I would turn over a new leaf.

On my way to the Broadway Bar & Grill in Fulham Broadway that evening, pre-conceived ideas popped into my head. From the American sounding name, I had images of annoying staff in TGI Friday style clothing attacking me with fake happiness and asking me how my day had been; before treating me to a selection of freshly microwaved food; most of which arriving in a crumb or batter coating.

Arriving at the bar & grill - which is only a few paces from Fulham Broadway tube - my pre-conceived ideas changed from American to English, with football being advertised for that evening on a board outside.

Clearly, my aim of turning over a new leaf and not jumping to conclusions had not quite worked. However, having opened the door to the establishment my ideas about the bar changed pretty swiftly. Straight ahead there was a large bar roughly splitting the venue into a bar area to the left - offering somewhere to have a drink or two or to watch sport if it is on the TVs scattered around the walls - and a dining area in the other section - offering smarter tables in a restaurant decked out with luscious looking sombre green banquettes (a word, I maintain, which would be better utilised in describing ‘a quickie’).

Fingering the drinks menu, I noted the long cocktail list; offering a great selection of new and old; before ending up at the wine. It was then I realised that I genuinely had been wrong about this bar; the wine list was as good as many London restaurants, if not better – though unlike many restaurants starting at an extremely reasonable price.

The food menu screamed at me, being surprisingly and refreshingly brief; a rarity in most restaurants these days. Though short, the selection of five or so starters, salads and then a compact but varied mains lists certainly offered a bit of something for everyone.

I was able to see through into the kitchen from where I was sitting and was shocked to see that every plate of food was prepared from scratch. The calamari starter attested to this, being fresh and crisp. The sausage and mash that followed did what it said on the tin and came covered in lashings of a glutinous, sweet and sticky gravy.

My dining partner loved her steak, cooked how she liked it, and described the chips as being almost as good as McDonald’s; allegedly a great compliment; but one she knew would wind me up. When it comes to clientele, McDonald’s seems to be full of girls wearing pink velour tracksuits who you can’t quite tell whether they are pregnant or just fat; with cheap cigarettes nestled behind their gold jewellery clad ears. I can confirm that there was not a velour tracksuit in sight at the Broadway Bar & Grill, with a youngish crowd split equally between drinking and dining, in a relaxed and lively manner.

Overall, this new South West London bar & grill was very enjoyable; the staff and service were great and without a touch of Americanised fakery. I would suggest going to the Broadway Bar & Grill for reliable, very reasonably priced food (under £10 for a main) and a bottle of wine; or for a great night of cocktails. Having a sneak peek of the fine dining restaurant that is due to open upstairs in November 2010, there are certainly grand plans for this place. If the décor is anything to go by it will definitely be worth a visit. Best of all for me, I don’t think there is much chance I will confuse it for a branch of Halifax. more

Alex Williams

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“A big improvement on the different bars that have been here before. Friendly staff, good food and nice outdoor area at the front.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Vince, London (5 years 2 months ago)

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Broadway Bar and Grill Opening Hours

Monday: 10:00am - 12:00am Friday: 10:00am - 12:00am
Tuesday: 10:00am - 12:00am Saturday: 10:00am - 12:00am
Wednesday: 10:00am - 12:00am Sunday: 10:00am - 12:00am
Thursday: 10:00am - 12:00am    

Additional Information

Broadway Bar and Grill Food & Drinks

Broadway Bar and Grill Food Menu

With an emphasis on personable service, a range of simple and tasty dishes fresh from the grill is available throughout the day and into the evening. Guests can enjoy quality steaks, served with grilled tomato and horseradish jus, The Broadway’s speciality cheeseburger, Cumberland sausages with mash and onion gravy and goats cheese and sun blushed tomato risotto.

Updated 24/08/2011

Broadway Bar and Grill Drinks Menu

A varied wine list featuring wines sourced internationally is available, including the house wine priced (Vina Pena, Castilla, Spain, red and white) through to more complex wines such as a Chardonnay, Santa Maria Vineyard, Byron Napa, USA and a Chateau La Pointe, Saint Emilion, Bordeaux. The bar offers a fantastic range of homemade infused spirits courtesy of acclaimed industry stalwart James Ridgwell. The cocktail list is extensive, with Ridgwell putting his own stamp on classic blends.

Updated 24/08/2011

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"Not too bad overall, girls less classy than other strip joints in London, Kristina let me touch her which was ok can't complain though would have liked a better ass haha" Which venue is this?

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