Every coin dropped in the slots has a dream firmly attached to it. Every carefully placed chip, every guarded ace card, every rolled dice used to play casino is filled with expectant promise.

Residents of London love to play casino and the slots. Tourists to London love to play casino and the slots. If they were allowed to, children and animals would probably love to play casino and the slots as well.

The manifest excitement and adrenalin attained through the rollercoaster ride of winning (and sometimes losing) money demands that your body keeps up and complies with your every whim and need. Sustenance and repose are essential for maintaining the high levels of concentration needed to play casino. Yet, popping out for a cigarette and burger is not going to reap your fortune in the long run. You need real relaxation and proper food. Here then are London’s Top 5 Casino Restaurant to aid you on your quest.

1) Flame in the West End
London’s West End is the go-to area for anyone who wants to play casino. The Casino at the Empire lies at the very heart of Leicester Square, and it’s chic signature restaurant Flame is a gratifying escape from the hustle and bustle of the West End. Flame serves a variety of fresh, high quality meat and fish, plus lighter soups, salads and chowder, in a European style. True gamblers will bet big and order the 20oz King of Steaks from the grill.

Play casino, cash in on the slots, then kick back and enjoy your spoils at Flame. It might be a good idea to book ahead of time, though, which you can luckily do with this clever booking widget below. Once you’ve chosen your preferred winning date and the time at which you’d like to eat, your name slots into the widget and away you go.


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